Building A Bridge
from Training to Testing

by Marsha Smith & Shalini Bosbyshell

Do you and your dog have fabulous practice sessions in your backyard—only to lose it at the obedience trial?

Here's a book that will show you how to bridge the gap between training and the show ring!

Written for students and trainers alike, Building A Bridge offers innovative ideas for the individual handler as well as for the obedience instructor.

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104 pages
ISBN: 0-615-12775-4
Book Dimensions: 10.0 x 7.0 x 0.27 inches
Printed by: Fidlar Doubleday, Inc. (March 2005)


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In Building A Bridge from Training to Testing...

You’ll learn how to work with your dog in the Three Modes of Training in order to build a bridge between your practice sessions and the show ring. The Bridging Process consists of the motivational Wow mode, the Confidence Building mode, and the Testing mode. Three distinctive ways of practicing with your dog that will lead you both to a better understanding of your training—and of each other!

You and your dog are a unique team! By keeping in mind this simple formula: Dog Talent + Human Talent + Time Spent Practicing = Training Results, you can tailor your performance goals to perfectly fit your unique abilities and potential.

The authors write from the point of view that we all share a “thought connection” with our dogs and that we can use this telepathic link to deepen our communication and enhance our training. Throughout the book, the reader is encouraged to tap into the natural empathy that we all possess and see training sessions from the dog’s perspective.

You’ll see how you can create an obedience class or practice group that promotes learning! As an alternative to the usual ranking of students and their dogs into categories of beginner, intermediate, and advanced, the authors describe the benefits of the Progressive Class. By including participants with a wide range of experience and ability, the Progressive Class is a format where the students—both canine and human—can learn from one another as well as from the instructor.

The 10 Stages of Attention Training are a set of exercises that guide you step by step in teaching your dog to focus his attention on you. Along the way, you and your dog will deepen your awareness of each other and strengthen your partnership.

There’s a world of difference between a helpful Correction and harmful Punishment. By coming from a place of love and respect for your dog and by always completing a correction with praise, you’ll see that giving “negative” feedback can be a positive experience for both of you!

You probably use food in your training, but are you aware that how and when you use that food will change what it means to your dog? You’ll learn what these subtle but significant differences communicate to your dog when you read about the Uses for Food in Training.

From the introduction:

"This book is a guide that will help you and your dog bridge the gap between your practice sessions—where you can motivate your dog with praise and encouragement—and the obedience trial ring—where you and your dog must work together in near silence and still deliver your best performance. The motivational practice session and the nearly silent test are two very different modes of training—especially from your dog’s point of view. You can help your dog make the transition from the practice session to the test by adding an intermediate confidence building mode of training. When you devote a percentage of your training time to building your dog’s confidence, you’ll be helping him learn to perform without needing to rely on your constant encouragement. When you understand the distinctive characteristics of these three different modes of training and practice them with your dog, working in silence will become familiar and friendly territory."

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